Schlepping vino can be a delicate maneuver- especially when it’s your last bottle of ’87 CHÂTEAU LAFIT. Other than trashing a good year, a far worse tradgedy is being spotted at Ravinia lugging a Trader Joe’s bag as you settle in the grass for some ZZ Top. The Shame!

So here’s the fix. Swag your bottle with one of these sumptuous sacs, and never again feel like you’re Friday night brown-baggin it in front of the JJ Peppers.

I Medici Hand Made Leather Bottle Porter

I Medici

This fine leather pouch is both rugged and chic. Its simple design uses draw stings to keep your vino secure, while it’s thick woven handle makes it easy carry. Hand-made in Florence, it is truly a work of art. Price: $195

J.W. Hulme & Company

J.W. Hulme & Company

This handsome fleece lined leather tote is no sheepish bag. J.W. Hulme’s Deluxe Bottle Guard is made of slightly distressed and antiqued hand-buffed leather, with an interior large enough to house most any spirit. If not snazzy enough, they will personalize it with an engraved brass plate for an additional 19 bones.
Price: $245.

Dooney & Bourke: Alto Wine Bottle Picnic Tote

Dooney & Bourke: Alto Wine Bottle Picnic Tote

This stylish classic tote can hold two bottles and currently also comes in black. Unfortunately, there ain’t much info on the designer’s site as to how it was made or from what. One thing is for certain, it sure is purdy.
Price: $450

Mulholland's Six Bottle Carrier

Mulholland’s Six Bottle Carrier

For those who believe one bottle is never enough, Mulholland has created their Endurance Six Bottle Carrier. With an insulated nylon semirigid liner, this bag will keep your whites chill and your reds warm and toasty,
Price: $470

Louis Vuitton Wine Carrier

Louis Vuitton Wine Carrier

Yes, of course there’s a Louis.
To celebrate the wine maker Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus’ 125th anniversary, Louis Vuitton crafted this rare beauty. Because it is a limited edition creation, unfortunately there are only three cases in existence and all set at an undeclared price which is speculated around 35K.
Price: Money

Honorable Mention

PBS Tote circa 1984

PBS tote; circa 1984

Hey, it worked for my Aunt Alice.